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OutsideIn Production

Founder,  Design and

Production Director

Johnny Liu


OutsideIn Production was founded in 2021 by Johnny Liu, the company is specializing in retail window display, in-store display, pop-up store and event production. 

Offering a full range of services including wood work, metal work, props, spraying, sculpting, upholstery, acrylic, signage and print.

We work on projects large and small, bespoke and sourced, from street fashion to luxury brands.

Our aim is built on a quality service and the highest standards of production work. We pride myself on our professionalism, quality and client satisfaction.

Johnny transformed himself from Civil Hydraulic Modeller to a professional retail visual merchandiser and store interior designer for international sport brand and fashion brand. His great attention to detail ensures the high quality of production output precisely. 

Johnny co-founded VM and Interior Design firm Greentrooper in 2012, he has worked with different international brands for VM production and event production over 10 years.

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